Dragon Boating provides a social activity that is great exercise and fabulously fun!  Our community of paddlers enjoy this low impact, non-contact sport which provides outdoor therapy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

While we race in strictly women's divisions, men are welcome to practice with us in the off season.

Dragon Boating is a safe water sport for people of all ages and physical abilities.​ It is great physical exercise which can improve brain function, cardio-stamina, and core body strength.

Our team was formed in the Spring of 2015 with a handful of cancer survivors willing to try something new. Since then we have grown to over 25 members. Many of our dedicated teammates are actually Survivor Support persons. We understand that being a support person to a Cancer patient’s physical and emotional needs is a huge role. We honor that role and readily welcome family members, friends and significant others to join the club as well.


We enjoy being outside in nature, using our bodies in a new empowering way. And we love the camaraderie.  We attend several races during the Summer.  Members can participate in the practices even if not racing with us. However, most will say that the race is what got them hooked!

Our team has a culture of being inviting, inclusive, and supportive of all paddlers.  As long as you can get in the boat, you will be able to paddle with us and enjoy this exciting sport.  Many of our members are considered Masters (age 40+), Grand Masters (age 50+), and Great Grand Masters (age 60+).  


Want to give us a try? We have new paddlers coming on all the time. 
Practices are at the Willamette Queen Dock, at Riverfront Park, Salem, Oregon.
Practices are on Sundays from 5:00-6:00 pm and Thursdays from 7:15 - 8:15pm (this is a change as of August 12, 2021). We usually practice from March through October. But email us 1st because these do change sometimes.
We practice rain or shine (but not when there's lightning or too much wind).
The first two practices are free. Afterwards there's a nominal club dues of $30.00 and two Season dues, Spring Fee $90.00 (April - June) and Summer Fee $90.00 (July - September).
These dues pay the entry fees for the World Beat Dragon Boat Races in June and the Portland Dragon Boat Race in September.​
We wear clothing suitable for the weather and prepare to get wet!
We have a few life jackets (PFD) and club paddles to loan you during our practices.
Many paddlers choose to wear their own PFD or buy one at a local sports shop.

Paddle with Us!

Julie was a dancer and gymnast from an early age through college. She received her undergraduate degree from Oregon State University in Exercise & Sports Science. 


After earning a Master of Science degree in Education from Western Oregon University she has taught special education, adaptive PE, math, and science. She has taught both children and adults in a variety of subjects.  


Julie Bryant, founder of the Unsinkables, is our Head Coach. 

Julie has extensive experience with teaching and coaching physical activity, including dragon boating, gymnastics, aerobics, football and softball. 

Meet the Coach